students to the
new normal.

A personalised and scalable approach for
First Year Experience.

The impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education...

Peer Leaders and Mentors

Power your student's voice
at scale

Assist new students during their first days by connecting them with your student community. Foster a sense of peer-to-peer interaction and make your students feel part of something.

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Communities & Student Clubs

Provide a highly engaging welcome on campus

Create personalised orientation experiences for better student integration. Make new students feel welcome and foster a sense of belonging within the student community, early in the student journey.

Student Services Directory

Avoid the usual information overload... emails no longer work

We all know now that emails are no longer effective and not being open. The new generation of students (aka Gen Z) wants to interact where they are - on their phones.

Digital Credentials

Boost your students' engagement

In a challenging and ever-changing job market, strengthen student employability through volunteering, extracurricular activities to improve soft skills, engagement and wellbeing.


Your community. Our platform.
Let's combine forces.

We help you create a sense of community from their first day, so that every student succeeds.

Here for you,
step of the way.

Customised Solutions

Let's first understand your goals and challenges and find the best match for your team and institution.


We are putting students at the heart of what we do, delivering a user friendly and engaging app.

Dedicated Support

From day zero, we are here to support you and help you get the best of our product.

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