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Boost your students’ employability

Equitable access for student's success via one platform.

In a challenging and ever-changing job market, strengthen student employability through volunteering, extracurricular activities in order to improve soft skills, engagement and wellbeing.

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Provide your students with the connections and supports services they need to grow.

One Network, Your Network.

Human-to-human connections at their finger tips. Anytime. Anywhere.

Career and Support Communities

One-to-many conversations and opportunities within your community.

Centralized Student Services Directory

One place where students can find access to your campus services and resources .

Equitable access to mentorship and support services is no longer optional.

Students expect more and more from their 🏫 universities. Show them the available resources you have. Show them that you care.

Universities can be the recovery engine for our economy. Reveal your students full potential.


of students lost a job, internship, or job offer due to the pandemic.


place "career" as a critical factor to enroll in a college or university.


said they would struggle to stay connected with peers and university.

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