The impact of the pandemic on Higher Education...

The online
hybrid experience

Students needs have
not been met

Institutions' revenues have shrunk

Many institutions sustained losses from decreased enrolments. Tuition income from international students has dried up, and many worry it will never return.

The formula for financial health has changed...

Revenues will need to increase or at least remain stable, without increasing costs and without reducing the quality of education or the student experience.

Many campuses focus more resources on recruiting students than on retaining them. But it is far more cost-effective to improve the student experience to increase student retention rates, completion, and ultimately enrolment.

... and the formula for student retention is now changing too.

Set a Strong Foundation

Make students feel part of your community, and impact their academic success 🎓 and satisfaction positively 🌟. We help you create this sense of community from their first day so that every student succeeds.

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