Prospective Students

Power your Student Recruitment

Help your Prospective Students connect with your community early in the process.

Assist prospective students during their application process by connecting them with your student community. Prospective students are more interested in authentic stories and responses from your current students. Ensure your prospective students are feeling supported and confident about their decision.

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What Prospective Students expect from you.

They Rely Heavily
on Mobile Experience

Your future students (aka your customers) are part of the "Mobile App generation". Meet them at their status quo and guide them through the journey

Guide them Through the Application Process

Help them connect with someone who went trough it already - your students and ambassadors.

Show Tell them How Great your Institution is

Make them part of your community before their arrival on campus and reduce the summer melt.

Make your prospective students confident in their decision to enroll.

Connect your future students with your successful 🌟 students and alumni 🎓 for real conversations and stories.

Parents and students' expectations have just increased.


students feel less confident to be ready to progress to the next step in their education or career.


students think they should receive a fee reducation or refund due to the "new university experience".


of prospective students want to interact with current students.

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